Italian Style Smooth Panel Armored Door


Class 4 Italian Style Walnut Color Smooth Panel Armored Door For Apartment, Villas, Mansion

Model No.  COD101-CL4-HT-JXS


[Main and False Frame Structure] The false frame can be installed in advance or installed after the door hole is finished, no need to grout cement when installing the door. After the false frame is installed, the main frame and the door leaf can be installed in a short time, and the left and right adjustment of the door leaf is more humanized and simplified. It not only has better protection of the door body but also saves time and material resources. Meanwhile, the color of the door  frame can be sprayed according to the style of the door. The high adhesion plastic powder makes the door frame and the profile are integrated, which is more wear-resistant and anti-oxidation, and ensures the permanent color of the door frame and the profile.


[High-strength Door Body Structure] Our Italian armored door core is made of high-strength galvanized steel with 0.6mm-1mm. We strictly follow the Italian armored doors standard in design, production and installation. It can not only ensure the anti-theft security of the door, but also enable it to be opened and closed flexibly.The multi-channel rib design is carried out in the door core, which has reliable firmness and anti-destruction function. There are also many options for filling in the door core, according to customer's requirements, such as: sound insulation, moisture, fire-proof material, and even bulletproof materials. Door core and door frame connected not only with hinges, we also have anti-prying bolts as an assist to make the door more anti-theft. If the hinge is damaged, the door core can not be opened, because t anti-prying bolts firmly locks the door core after the door is closed.


[Removable Door Panels] The door panel and door core system of the Italian armored door are separated. The door panel can be customized according to the different needs of customers. The material of the panel is also various. The door panel can also be replaced at will. If the customers does not like the original panel after many years, they only need to order the door panel from the supplier, and the installation is also extremely convenient. The maximum satisfaction of the individual needs of designers and consumers. The Italian armored door is more environmental, and it can better reflect the consumer's pursuit of individuality and meet the needs of different consumers.