chain stopper for Marine Accessories factory direct


     The company mainly produces various marine spare parts, such as Marine fairlead, Electro Hydraulic Crane, Electric Hydraulic Winch and other deck machinery.  

     Chain paver is a device for clamping the anchor chain of a vessel machinery when it is sailing or anchoring. Also called chain stopper. According to the REQUIREMENTS of CCS code, the chain paver should be able to bear the experimental load equivalent to the anchor chain, and its stress should not exceed 90% of the yield strength value of its material. According to classification societies such as GL, LR and DNV, the pawl should be able to withstand 80% of the minimum breaking load of the chain through which it passes. In this case, the stressed member should not cause permanent deformation. The pawl is arranged on the deck between the windlass and the hawse barrel to clamp the hawse chain.After anchoring, the chain stopper on the gate can transfer the tension of the anchor chain to the hull, so that the windlass is not in the stress state; When sailing, the chain pawl bears the gravity of the anchor and part of the anchor chain, and the anchor in the hawser tube is pressed against the hull, so as not to collide. Therefore, the base of chain paver and its supporting structure bear a large load force, and the rationality of its structure calculation is directly related to the safety performance of the ship.

Jiangsu Haitai Ship's Whole Set Co.,Ltd was founded in 1995.It is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and research of deck machinery 、vessel machinery and oceanic project. For a long time the company has established a cooperation partnership on technical cooperation and research and development of new product with the major research institutes of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, such as Shanghai Merchant Ship Design, Research Institute and numerous of Marine Machinery Research and Development institutions. Company products are mainly equipped with naval vessel, research ship, engineering vessels, offshore platforms, passenger and cargo ships, oil tankers and so on.

The company located at No.88 North Jichuan Road,Taixing City is next to the Jing-ju Highway. The company's registered capital is 20 million and the output value is 250 million. The core products are electric and hydraulic mooring winches which are within 120mm,capstans which are within 1500KN,electric and hydraulic rotation crane which is within 60T/45M,cable winch, engineering winch with all specifications, shark jaw,towing pin system and other deck machinery as well as fittings.