1 ton automatic rice mill machine rice mill plant


Characteristics and usage: Rice milling and grinding combinational machine has advantages of reasonable matching, versatility, simple and compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, reliable performance, affordable and so on advantages. Feed grinder can be widely used in rice, corn, all sorts of granular grain and straw material crushing. Rice mill  can be processed into polished rice in one time, completing separation of rice, rice bran, broken rice at the same time. It is widely used in the majority of rural households and chemical industry, food, brewing, aquaculture and other industries. Structure and working principle: Grinding consists of feed hopper, rotor, crushing chamber, the fixed fluted disc, powder sieve, machine casing, machine frame and other parts. When material is sent into the crushing chamber moderately from the inlet , under the action of high speed blow and strong bump rub from the tooth claw (hammer slice) , quick break into fine powder, and then discharge powder through the discharging hole under the effect of centrifugal force and air flow .Rice milling machine consists of feed hopper, propeller, rice milling, rice sieve, knife, rice roll, discharging hole and other parts. Paddy is sent into the milling chamber by the feed hopper, grinding process white under the joint action of the knife, sieve and rice roll, and then discharge  by the discharging hole.
Overall Dimension(L*W*H) 1270*440*1150mm      Package Size(L*W*H) 750*330*590mm Rice Roller Dimension(D*L) Φ40*370mm Standard Motor-Speed 2800(r/min) Weight(With Motor) 86kg Rated Power 2.2kw Rated Voltage 220V Productivity Milling Parts≥140kg/h Crushing Parts≥250kg/h Spindle Speed Rice Mill:1200r/min Crushing Machine:5600