COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test

COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test-saliva Swab


1.Read the instructions for use carefully before using this product.

2.Use the test kit once only. Do not reuse the test strip.

3.This reagent is used for in vitro diagnosis only, please do not use expired products.

4.Do not use if the kit or any kit component past the indicated expiry date.

5.Wear protective clothing and disposable gloves while handling the kit reagents.

6.Do not open the sealed pouch, unless ready to conduct the assay.

7.Sample collection and handling procedures require specific training and guidance.

8.Do not use the components of any other type of test kit as a substitute for the components in this kit.

9.Discard and do not use any damaged or dropped Test Cassette or material.

10.Use of Nitrile, Latex (or equivalent) gloves is recommended when handling patient samples. Wash hands thoroughly after performing the test.

11.Do not smoke, drink, or eat in areas where specimens or kit reagents are being handled.

12.Inadequate or inappropriate sample collection, storage, and transport may yield false test results.

13.Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of accidental contact, rinse well in order to avoid skin irritations. In case of concerns, consult your doctor.

14.Using other sample types may cause inaccurate or invalid test results.

15.Saliva comes from respiratory tract. It is the type of sample recommended by WHO.

16.Keep the test kit away from children to reduce the risk of accidentally swallowing small parts.

17.This test is for presumptive screening only. Please consult a doctor to discuss your test result and to find out whether additional tests are needed. Please also consult a doctor if you have any concerns about your health, if you are experiencing prolonged symptoms, or if your symptoms are worsening.

18.Bring all reagents to room temperature (15~30℃) before use.

19.If the test line or control line is out of the test window, do not use the test cartridge . The test result is invalid and retest the sample with another one.

20.If your test result is positive you must have a confirmatory laboratory PCR test. Consult your doctor for any follow-up clinical care.

21.Dispose of used products, samples, and other consumables as medical wastes under relevant regulations.

22.Repeat testing is recommended (e.g. within 1-3 days) if there is an ongoing suspicion of infection, being in a high risk setting or where there is an occupational risk or other requirement.

23.Even if your test result is negative, continue to observe all applicable hygiene and safety measures. Even with a negative result, you may still be infectious. If you are showing symptoms you must seek immediate further testing by a laboratory PCR.


Perform the test

1. Deeply cough 3~5 times. Note: Please cover your mouth and nose with a mask or tissue paper and keep distance from other people.


2. Remove the cassette device from the sealed pouch and take the blue cap off gently by holding the sides to expose the collection pad.


3. Hold the device on the part opposite to the collection pad and place the collection pad into the mouth.


4.Rub the collection pad against the cheek and tongue gently in a circular motion 10 times. Then keep the collection pad in the mouth for about 1~2 minutes.

5.Check if the C line appears at the C region in the result reading window. If not, please repeat step 4 until a C line is visible or the total in-mouth time of the collection pad exceed 10 minutes.


6.Lay the device on a clean, flat surface with the result reading window upward and keep the collection pad untouched for 10-15 minutes. Please use a time device for timing.

7.Read the results between 10-15 minutes. Note: The result might be visible after a shorter time, however, it should only be interpreted between 10-15 minutes.