water cooling tower approach


Operation principle:

The closed cooling tower cools down fluid with the principle of water evaporation absorbing heat. Spray water is started at the bottom of the cooling tower and working fluid circulates in the radiator coil of the closed cooling tower. Spray water distribution system and spray nozzle with spray system pump,where some water is evaporated and heat is absorbed, so the temperature of working fluid in pipe is reduced. Water in hot air and unevaporated water is stopped by a manger and flows through PVC heat exchange layer where the water is cooled down by flowed water and falls in water pond at the bottom.Then the water is recyclingd to the water distribution system with the water pump and returns to spray on coil pipes.Circulating cooling is conducted repeated in such way.

Product features:

The double inlet cooling tower is manufactured through adding a second coil pipe and PVC heat exchange layer to the single air blower system on the basis of one inlet design, so as to achieve better performance and lower energy consumption at the minimum flat area.

Double inlet evaporative condenser can reach the maximum industrial capacity with only one module,so the double inlet cooling tower is the ideal choice for large project.

Two way coil pipe can achieve the purpose of cooling different medium within a same tower.


Steel Mills and Foundries: Induction furnace cooling
                           Rolling mill cooling 
                           Quenching tank cooling
                           Continuous casting cooling

Industrial Fluid: Hydraulic oil
                  Electrofacing solution
                  Quenching oil
                  Production line circulating water

Manufacturing Industry:Air compressor water jacket cooling
                       Injection mold cooling
                       Transformer cooling
                       Motor water jacket cooling

Air Conditioning Syetem: Water heat pump system
                         Air conditioning system
                         Auxiliary cold supply system

Photovoltaic Industry: Vacuum furnace cooling water system

Other Industries: Papermaking