hooper dryer for plastic high speed machine


hooper plastic dryer for plastic high speed machine

plastic auxiliary machines : hopper dryer , crusher , chiller

palstic mould . plastic injection molding machines

Hopper hot air dryer is a valid machine used for drying no engineering raw materials. It can be placed on the injection machine to dry directly. It is high efficiency and it saves lots of times. Exchanging materials is easy and quick because the barrel and the base is separate. It can provides from 12kgs go 800kgs models. The double temperature protector and magnetic base can be chosen.
1 Even heat distribution:
High thermal efficiency saves lots of drying time.
2 Accurate Temperature control.
Very high accuracy assured by exact controller.
3 Time-saving and labor-saving:
Convenient change of raw materials through the separation of the body of barrel and seat.
4 Reliable design
It is compact in size and easily for installation and multi-ply safety protection is equipped to ensure safety operation
5 Increase of injection speed:
Reduction of melting time through vertical blanking