Refrigerator Bottom Plate Side Stiffener


The utility model discloses a refrigerator rear cover plate with reinforcing ribs: it has a cover body, the cover body is a bottomless three-dimensional trapezoidal cover with side walls on three sides and a hollow side, and the bottom edge of the side wall of the cover body is flat outward At the edge, there are several vents on the top surface of the cover, and there are a number of outwardly convex reinforcement ribs on the outside and top surface of the cover. There are a number of mounting holes; the top surface faces the side of the side without sidewalls with holes. The cover is directly pressed. The utility model provides a refrigerator back cover with ribs, through a unique The structure and openings of the product have better heat dissipation performance and strength, and the structure is reasonable, the cost is low, and it is suitable for popularization and use.