Soft Comfortable Double Side Acetate Polyester Satin Fabric


100% Acetate Fabric is one of our popular Fabric, which is mainly used for making Garment, Shoes, Toy, Suit, Trousers, etc. The composition of the product is 100% Acetate Fabric, which is suitable for use in spring, summer, autumn and winter.The fabric is exquisite in texture, breathable and not easy to wrinkle

1. High quality material: choose excellent material, soft and comfortable, skin-friendly and more healthy.

2. Complete specifications: we have many specifications and a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

3. Customized : We can quickly customize products according to customer require me

There are many others for your choice in our company,such as Viscose Fabric,Comfortable Fabric,Eco-Friendly Fabric and so on.