High Quality Power Steel SK machine Collet


High Quality Power Steel SK machine Collet
SK Machine Collet is High Quality SK Collet 0.005mm,0.008mm,0.01mm, also known as spring collet, is mounted on a drill \ milling machine, drilling and milling chuck, its function is to clamp drill cutter or knife. Er flexible collet is currently the most used. Its stable performance, high accuracy by the majority of manufacturers trust.Power Steel SK Milling Machine Collet All products are precision grinding, in line with the German DIN 6499 specifications precision manufacturing.
Material: JIS-SUJ2
Hardness : HRC 45-50
Accuracy: <=0.005mm
Brand: China
ChongDe mainly manufactures Tooling System,CNC Machines Parts and machine accessories belong to the line of machine & Tools.
ChongDe main products are necessary Tool Holders in lathing,milling,drilling,grinding,boring,planning,CNC machines or machine centers,including variety of spring collets,collets chuck sets,mill holders,tapping collets,rough or precision boring heads,drill chucks,live centers and so on.All products are available in a full range of regular models, and can also be customized for drawings and samples.

New technology&nbsp; brand new packaging.High accuracy ,quality ,durability and stability.
High temperature treatment, hardness uniformity.&nbsp; Full bright appearance, good elasticity.

Cryogenic treatment

1) -196℃,and ultra long cryogenic treatment make the nearly all retained austenite change to martensite.
2) The precipitated nano carbide particles increase the hardness and toughness of the material.&nbsp;
3) Remove the internal stress of the residual material.
4) After cryogenic treatment ,the wear resistance of products is significantly improved,and the accuracy and service life of repeat clamping can be increased by about 50%.
1.Package: plastic boxes and also can pack according to your requests.
2.Delivery time:Sample within 7 days and others 35 days.
I&nbsp; &nbsp; Fast reply&nbsp;

II&nbsp; &nbsp;Favourable price

III&nbsp; &nbsp;High quality products

IV&nbsp; &nbsp;Fast delivery

V&nbsp; &nbsp;Good after-sales service
1.Are you factory or Trade Company?
We are industry and trade integration.

2.Could you supply samples?
Yes ,free samples for some products.

3.Where do you export?
The whole world.

4.Could you produce non-standard products?
Yes ,we can .Please supply samples or drawing.

5.What are the shipping ways?
By intemational express,by air ,by sea are all OK.

6.Do you have minimum order quantity?
Conventional Products don't have.The minimum order quantity of non-standard products is 50pcs.

7.What's your delivery time?
Less than 25 days after order confirmed.