fine grit orbital sanding discs


                  Sanding Discs and Non-woven Discs

        longer lasting abrasive film disc,Sanding Discs and Non-woven Discs,Film disc's advantage is the hidden super coated aluminum oxide corundum. The difference between it and other conventional coatings is that conventional discs have two layers of sanding surface, during sanding, the outer layer on the sand paper falls down together with the sanding product's dust causing premature clogging. 

      However, it has a hidden anti-clogging coating. This coating makes it last longer than all other traditional sand paper including the best 3M discs. Furthermore, the proprietary film backing causes a very strong bond between the abrasive and the film backing adding to its long life. Finally, the film backing and abrasive is very even, much more than conventional paper, making it much more effective during the entire sanding process.

Grit: P60-P2000