Heating element for dishwahser 2.08kw


2080w thick film heating tube for dishwasher 

The finished product form of instant heating element is a tube covered with a dense layer of microcrystalline glass film on the surface, which is not easy to be abscised and scratched. 

Origin of thick film technology 

The thick film heating technology is new type of heating technology which is developed mainly by DuPont and Heraeus in 1990s. They invent the electronic paste which can be used on the stainless steel substrate firstly.Thick film constitution is using the technology of silk-screen printing and high temperature sintering, the thick film heating tube was covered in order by sinter dielectric layer, resistance layer, silver conductor layer and isolation glazes protective layer.

Advantages of electric heating tube 

The the 2080w thick film heating tube of the Jieda GIDAPE® ANDETONG® series have the advantages of large heating area, high heat conduction efficiency (≥98%), fast thermal response (80 ℃~150℃/S), long working life (≥10000 Hour) and other significant advantages.

Detail information of the 2080w thick film heating element for dishwasher  

With its simple tubular structure, electric heating tube can heat water flow inside the tube. Electric Circuit printed on tube surface, to heat the water flow inside.

The parameters of the 2080w thick film heating tube 

Product Model 


Product application

Water dispenser Electric faucet Water purifier Water boilor 

Tube Size 




Standard Power/Voltage

2080W (+ 5% ~ -10%)/230V

Lead time 

25 Days

Optional power


Customized period

40 days

Optional Voltage 



1000 pieces

Electric strength


Wiring manner

High Temperature Tin Welding

Insulation resistance 


Product certification

CQC.ROHS.Wading health approval documents,FDA,CMA 

Because of the small size with high power density, our 2080W thick film heating tube is specially designed for dishwasher 

1, The product temperature rising rate is greater than 80 ℃~150℃/S, so, please ensure that the tube is filled with water before use.

2, The pipe must be installed vertically when heating liquid, the direction of liquid flow is from the bottom up. To avoid local dry burning, please add water at first, and then connect to power.
3, Based on different powers, the user should ensure the minimum flow, while ensuring smooth water access to the pipe, so as to avoid vaporization and dry burning.
4, Pay attention to the surface heat dissipation; and due to a big power density, please also pay attention to the rate of heat exchange.

Brief introduction of our Company 

Since its establishment in 2012, Jieda has been focusing on R&D and mass production of thick film heating pipes. The stainless steel thick film heating pipes produced by Jieda are widely acclaimed for its high thermal efficiency, stable performance and safety and durability. Jieda GIDAPE® ANDETONG® series stainless steel thick-film heating tube has four invention patents, dozens of utility model patents, we are also the first domestic company who produces stainless steel thick film products with CQC certification, wading health approval documents, ROHS certification.