4L Dual cylinder compact Stainless steel electric fryer


4L Dual cylinder compact Stainless steel electric fryer

Separated twin-head design, 4L+4L electric deep fryer, more convenience for you to cook difference food at the same time and not mix together.

Difference from other designs electric fryers,2 sides of the cylinder frame with 2 insulated handles.

OEM, Customized design is welcome!

Based on this design,we have also single 4L compact electric deep fryer and single 4L compact electric deep fryer with timer.

4L+4L Double Baskets Electric Fryer

60-200 ℃ temperature selection with frying temperature reference

with power light and hot light

4L Double Baskets Electric Fryer oil tank

integrated forming of oil cylinder,strong and durable

4L dual cylinder Electric Fryer basket, strong fried basket with detachable insulated handle

Not easy to deformed,easy to clean

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