Vertical three phase asynchronous submersible motor


At present, the number of submersible pumps in the USSR is the largest in the world, up to more than 40 thousand, the output accounts for half of the crude oil, and the pump cycle is more than 500D. In the 60s of last century, China began to develop and test the electric submersible pump. In 1981, the technology of submersible pump was formally introduced. It has been well applied in Daqing and Shengli oil fields. According to the statistics, there are nearly 3700 submersible pumps in China in 1996, nearly 1700 in Daqing oilfield, 30% of the total amount of liquid production, 10% of the total number of mechanical wells, ensuring stable production and high yield of oil fields in our country. Today, the electric submersible pump is no longer a single equipment, but a complete set of systems, especially in the manufacture and application of the submersible pump, and the development speed of the application technology is astonishing. In Shengli Oilfield, the oil pump company of Shengli oil field, Chongqing tiger Creek motor factory and Dagang Oilfield into mechanical manufacturing company have become the submersible electric pump and its system hardware. The most prominent manufacturer of production.

The submersible screw pump oil extraction system has the advantages of flexible, convenient, high efficiency and strong corrosion resistance when mining high viscosity, high sand and high gas content. With the prolongation of oil field mining time and the rising of water content in China, the development of oil extraction technology of submersible motor is becoming more and more rapid. The matching technology of unit design and manufacturing, oil well selection, working condition monitoring and mining testing is becoming more and more perfect, and the prospect of development is very wide. 1 development of oil extraction technology driven by submersible motor 1.1 the former Soviet Ai Lou Tonov invented the world's earliest submersible electric pump, which was mainly used in the ground floor and the water in the mine. In 1926, the United States used electric pump to pump oil in the Russell oilfield. Because of the longer time of research, manufacture and use of electric pump in the United States, the United States is in the leading position in manufacturing technology and application technology. According to the statistics, in 1980s, the US submersible pump wells reached 13000, the average pump cycle was 400 - 800D, and the larger companies were ODI and REDA.

At present, oil extraction technologies widely used in major oilfields at home and abroad include submersible pumps, submersible screw pumps, water conservancy piston pumps and gas lift. The electric submersible pump has many advantages, such as large pressure difference, strong adaptability, long service life, simple operation process, convenient management and so on.

 It has made great contribution to the oil production technology of our country. With the innovation of oil field mining technology, using the electric submersible pump to improve the production of oil field has become the inevitable trend of the oil production in our country, and a complete oil production system has been formed gradually.

The submersible motor is a three phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor. When 50HZ, the rated revolution is 2850 rpm.     

The oil submersible motor is a vertical suspension structure, which is filled with oil immersed closed type, filled with special lubricating oil of the submersible motor, and plays the role of lubrication, insulation and conduction of heat. The
Due to the limitation of different caliper diameters, various series and specifications have been designed to meet the needs of different oil wells. According to the different power requirements, the submersible motor can be single or double or multi section. The

Our company can produce 375 series, 456 series, 540 series, 562 series of submersible motor, and can produce the submersible motor with temperature 90, 120, 150 C according to the user's request.

At the same time, other products of our company include normal pressure injection water pump, supercharged water injection pump, single and double screw pump, reciprocating plunger pump, submersible pump unit and so on.