Jiangyin Mitoo Precise Co., Ltd.  which is located in Jiangsu province and nearby shanghai city. Our company’s mainly products are precision special steel strip , mainly made by spring steel, tool steel, bearing steel, high quality carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel and so on. Products are widely used in automotive parts, hardware parts, textile accessories, agricultural tools, electronics, chains,knives and others. 

Our Company has excellent production equipment and strong technical forces. We have a continuous pickling line, AGC hydraulic microcomputer controlled six rollers, four rollers reversible cold rolling mill, bell type bright annealing furnace, precision slitting machine, leveling machine, trimming machine and so on, which is more advanced equipment and technology than other competitors in domestic of China. The finished strip has clean surface, uniform thickness and tolerance, the quality of our strip is more precise than our national standard. At the same time also have the quenching and tempering production line from Austria which is more advanced production equipment and production technology than our competitor. With the heat treated production line, we can produce the products with uniform hardness, high strength, and good comprehensive mechanical properties. also the geometry tolerance and shape of products has also been fully guaranteed. 

The Company gathered the top talents of Special steels.Our management team has engaged in the management, technology, and sales work for large-scale iron and steel enterprises for many years. They are the pioneer and practitioner in domestic special steel production. At the same time, we are also actively involved in the global steel industry market research and development, to meet the individual requirements of different customers. Relying on the geographical advantage, technology and talent advantages, adhering to sprint of enterprise as innovation and enterprising, professional integrity, quality and efficient, customer first, accede to the demands, our company is intending to become the leading company of special precise steel material in the world.