Automatic Alu-PVC Alu-Alu tablet capsule cartoning machine


Automatic Capsule Tablet Cartoning Machine

Capsule Tablet Blister Sheet Cartoner Machine/Tablet Capsule Candy Gum Pill Carton Box Packing Machine


1.Automatic Cartoning machine for capsule, tablet, candy, chewing gum and pill blister pack int carton.
2.PLC touch screen system
3.Insert leaflet and product into carton
4.Easy change size

Candy Gum Blister Sheet Boxing Machine can finish folding manual, opening carton, cartoning, coding and sealing, etc., as assembly line, and is suitable for cartoning Ice-cream pillow packing.
Our automatic cartoning machines follow GMP structure standard, and applies advanced PLC control system and photoelectric monitor, so as to, timely and effectively, find out and solve machine failures.It can be connected with Candy Chewing Gum Blister Packaging Machine to form blister packaging cartoning line.

Ink-jet printing system, Glue machine, bar code reader...

The machine advantages:
1. The best safety device: The main drive overload shutdoun protection and the door opens automatically stop detector to ensure workers safety.

2. Easy to operate and adjust, makes save time and money.

3. Machine easy for cleaning.

Parameters of  Machine:

Cartooning speed

100 Boxes/min

Size of ice-cream

>40×35×35mm < 170×87×50mm

Quality of carton


Motor power

1.5 kw

Power supply

Three Phases Four Wires 380V 50Hz (220V 60 Hz)

Air pressure and flow

0.5 Mpa >0.6m3/min

Air consumption

≥ 0.9m3/h

Noise standard

<85 dB

Size (L*W*H)

2800×1350×2000 (mm)


1200 Kg


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