Commercial Vegetable Drying Machine


Colead vegetable spin dryer is a little sized vegetable drying machine that removes excess water from leafy
vegetables and other fresh produce. The basket of this little vegetable centrifuge machine is placed in
the machine and once the lid is closed, the machine will start running. A
magnet locks the lid during centrifuging. 
Ÿ Suitable
for vegetable drying after cutting.

Ÿ Use frequency conversion centrifugal technology to complete the
surface dehydration of the material;

Ÿ Use frequency conversion technology and optical sensing technology
realize the draining time and draining speed, turn on and off controlled.

Ÿ Full open design, easy to install and move.

Ÿ Driving by frequency conversion adjusting speed three phase
asynchronous motor, stable running, convenient for speed adjustment.