24W LED Grow bar light for greenhouse


24W LED Grow bar light for greenhouse

PPFD And Temp:
PPFD Test at 20-40cm. Temperature Test for Each Light
One Driver with 5 branches cable~Or One driver with 10 branches cable. Each Cable for One Light Daisy Chain~
Characters: *Waterproof-IP65 Driver *Easy connection/maintenance *No Voltage Drop-All Strip light Get the same Voltage
1,Small in Size, Easy Carry,Easy Instillation;
2, Daisy Chain Design.Suitable for Vertical Farm Grow By Racks(Lettuce/Micro-greens Growing/Small Plants Clone)
3,Custom Spectrum: All Red /All blue/Red+Blue+white available.Suitable for different grow period;
4, Custom Length Available: 30mm-1500mm.
Aging Test:


Lettuce/Micro-greens/More Leafy Plants Growing in Vertical Farming
One Light in One Tube. 25pcs in One Package
1. Ideal Working time: 12-14hours. The working environment for the light is -20~40℃.
2. 2. The ideal distance between the lights and plants is 0.2m-0.5m.
3. To protect the light, please cut off the power when there is a lightning strike.
4. Don`t touch or move when the light working.

  • Suggested Lighting used per square meter 6-8pcs at 30-40cm
  • Suggested Lighting used time period:8am-10pm
  • Suggested DLI: 13-17 Mol/m2/d
  • Suggested Working Temp: 18-25 Degree
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