4-bolt piloted flange block bearing housing


Flange block bearing housing usually
applied in piloted
flange bearings or other flanged bearing unit. It is also
as known as flange  bearing
housing or flange
block housing.  They are commonly available in two, three,
or four-hole configurations. This 4-blot
flange bearing housing has a round shape with 4 bolt holes
& 3 threaded holes for mounting to accommodate higher loads than 2/3-bolt
flanges. Using this type of flange housing in assembly, it can help the
bearing  moved and aligned to better accommodate long shafts.


More detail information for this 4-bolt flange bearing housing as

Material: grey iron, ductile iron, steel casting, etc...

Inner bore diameter: 1-20inches

Surface treatment:  painting, powder coating, zinc plating,
clean & oiled.

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