Inner/Outer Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine


Brief Introduction: 

Tea Bag Sealing Machine belongs to a kind of sachets packing machine. It can pack 1-7g tea with Inner/Outer pyramid bag. The whole set of packaging equipment needs to be equipped with weighing machine and conveyor. After the finished product is output, you can also use the Auto Cartoner Machine to pack the small tea bags into the box.


1. This tea bag filling machine can perform either flat bag or triangle tea bag.

2. The machine can automatically finish load, measuring, bag making, sealing, cutting, counting, finished product conveyor and other functions

3. Adopt the imported ultrasonic sealing, use the electronic scale metering to cutting-stock, perfect sealing, cutting-stock accuracy

4. Packing material: Paper/plastic, plastic/plastic, plastic/aluminum/plastic, paper/aluminum/plastic, tea filter paper, thread, tag paper. 


This tea bag filling machine is suitable for the green tea, black tea, scented tea, coffee, Chinese tea, health tea, herbal tea, granule and so on.


 Tea bag filling machine detailed description

Inner Tea Bag Making Machine


Outer Tea Bag Making Machine

Technical Parameters

Measuring range


Inner bag size

L: 60-80mm W: 40-80mm

Outer bag size

L: 80-140mm W: 80-120mm

Label size


Packing speed

40-60 bags/min


1500 *1100 * 2300 mm

Machine weight:


Total power


Gas source

>0.6m3/ min

Sealing Type

three-dimensional sealing/ 3 sides sealing