Sectioning Machine For Metallographic Specimen Preparation


Ct-2300 Manual bench cutter is suitable for precision cutting of various metal materials, circuit boards, semiconductors, crystals, ceramics, quartz glass and lithofacies samples. The cutting machine is equipped with various fixtures to cut irregular shape of the workpiece. It is the ideal precision cutting equipment for enterprises and research institutions.

Metallographic Cutting Machines

Cutting Equipment

Cutting Consumables
Product features
(1) Precision cutting, can choose dry cutting or wet cutting;
(2) T-groove clamping device, easy to install fixture;
(3) Transparent cover, convenient observation, convenient clamping, convenient operation;
(4) Closed-loop control, precise speed regulation, speed regulation range: 100-3000 RPM, speed can be customized;
(5) Optional Angle cutting bracket;
(6) hard anodic oxidation table;

Ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal;
Castings, heat treated parts, forgings;
Semiconductor, ceramic (with special cutting pieces);
Other metals and non-metallic materials

Cutting ability

30 mm

Cutting piece size

180 mm

Inner hole size

The 12.7 mm


200-3000 RPM, adjustable

Feed distance

100 mm


110V/60Hz. 220V/50Hz.



D*  W * H

460 * 500 * 350 mm

The weight of the

45 kg