Co-kneader SJW 45 serial Compounding Machine


Advantages of the XINDA Co-Kneader:

· Lower energy input, lower melt temperatures.

· Extremely homogenous mixing, no shear spikes, equal treatment of polymer matrix.


 SJW-45: 45mm, 60-100kg/h output

Working principles:

The Co-Kneader, a mild-shear rotating and reciprocating single-screw extruder is designed for shear and temperature sensitive compounds. The flights on the screw are interrupted and interact with three rows of stationary kneading pins located in the barrel wall. The interaction between the moving flights and the stationary pins provide dispersive and distributive mixing simultaneously.

Axially opened split barrel guarantees ease of cleaning. Those splined, segmented screw elements and pins can be changed easily according to different processing techniques. In addition, some pins are hollow inside, thermocouples can be inserted to get the accurate temperature of the materials inside the barrels, so as to liquid additives injection. Different from other extruders, the kneading process is achieved radially and axially at the same time. All in all, Co-Kneader has outstanding kneading, mixing efficiency and high degree of self-wiping. It is the most suitable for compounding purposes.