K F 9 4 Face/White adult


1、 What is K F 9 4? KF 9 4 is an imported standard. It is an air respirator with particle filtration efficiency. New Coronavirus spreads mainly through droplets. N95 seems to filter 95% of the particulate matter in the. The filtration capacity of KF 9 4 and medical is stronger than that of ordinary. According to the priority of self-protection function, the protection ability of K F 9 4 is the highest.

2、 Specific structure of K F 9 4

Medical and protective kf9 4 are non-woven materials, which are composed of directional or random fibers, usually multi-layer structure, mainly composed of three layers, commonly known as SMS structure. At present, the highest number of floors in China is 5, namely smmms. The K F 9 4 with higher protection grade is 5 layers. Two layers of melt blown cloth + three layers of non-woven cloth can filter more than 95% of fine particles.