Fluorescent Pigment of FV series


FV series

Solid solution of dyestuff in a thermoset resin, very fine and uniform particle size, micro-spherical particles ensure easy dispersion, additional grinding is not required, these pigments are especially recommended for applications demanding high resistance to polar solvents,

Plasticizers, heat, pressure and migration, posses high color intensity and strength, good high-fastness and outstanding brilliance, with wide color range, it’s universal in various applications.



Composite paper bag lined with PE film

NW(kg)   GW(kg)  L(cm)   W(cm)  H(cm)

25.0       25.2    85.0      55.0    15.0

Export Packing

20 bags / carton / wooden pallet

NW(kg)   GW(kg)  L(cm)   W(cm)  H(cm)

500.0      520    115.0   115.0    120.0

Fluorescent Pigment 


Suitable for both solvent based and water based applications, such as paints, inks and silkscreen printing inks, paper coatings, textile printing inks, powder coatings, aerosol paints, nail polish, waxes, candles, balloons, leathers, rubbers/latex, EVA and all kinds of masterbatches & plastics coloring. (low plate-out in PP/PE/PVC extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding & film blowing)