high efficiency aluminium heat exchange finned tube


High frequency welded finned tubes are welcomed and trusted by users in the current application market. High frequency fin tube applications include waste heat recovery in electric power, metallurgy, cement and petrochemical industries. Because of fast welding speed and strong self-cooling, the high frequency fin tube not only has a small heated area, but also is not easy to oxidize, so the weld has excellent structure and performance. In fact, spiral hf welded finned tube not only all aspects of performance requirements, but also significantly increase the heat exchange area. From the analysis of working principle, the product uses the skin effect and proximity effect of high-frequency current to heat the steel strip and the outer surface of the steel pipe until it reaches the plastic state or melts. Weld under belt pressure. We can think of this high-frequency welding as solid phase welding. This welding method has obvious advantages in terms of product quality, productivity and automation.

Murphy products as below:

High Frequency Welded Fin Tube
U Bend Tube For Heat Transfer
H/HH Type Fin Tube
Intergral High Finned Tube
G Finned Tube
Intergral Low Finned Tube
Longitudinal Finned Tube
Studded Tube
L/LL/KL/KL/ Finned Tube
Laser Welded Finned Tube
Fin Tube Coil
Extruded Finned Tube
Tubular Heat Exchanger
Plate Heat Exchanger
 Finned Tube Heat Exchanger
Brazed Heat Exchanger