TD326E Vacuum Interrupter


Vacuum Interrupter VITD 12/1250-31.5E   ELECTRICAL RATINGS(3PHASE) SYMMETRICAL BASIS  1.Rated Frequency 50/60Hz  2.Rated Maximum Line to Line Voltage 12kV,r.m.s  3.Rated Power Frequency Withstand Voltage:Air 42kV,r.m.s  4.Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage:Air 95kV,Peak  5.Rated Normal Current 1250A  6.Rated Short-Circuit Current(3Phase Symmetrical Basis) 31.5kA,r.m.s  7.Percentage D.C. Component of Rated S.C. Breaking Current 50% 8.Rated Short-Circuit Making Current 80kA,Peak  9.Rated Duration of Short Time Current 4s  10.Rated Short-Time Withstand Current 31.5kA,r.m.s  11.Rated Peak Withstand Current 80kA,r.m.s  12.*Maximum Contact Resistance at Minimum Closing Force 18Micro ohms  13.*Rated Breaking Current of Single Capacitor Bank 630A,r.m.s  14.*Rated Breaking Current of Back-to-Back Capacitor Bank 400A,r.m.s 15.Rated operating sequence o-0.3s-co-180s-co MECHANICAL DATA 1.Interrupter Weight(Approx.) 3.44kg  2.Moving Part Weight(Approx.) 1.1kg  3.Closing Force due to Bellow and Atmospheric 12050N 4.Force Required to Hold Contacts open at Full Stroke 19060N MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS(REF. VCB)  1.Contact Stroke 111 mm  2.Opening Speed(average of 75 contact gap) 1.10.2m/Sec  3.Maximum Overtravel During Opening 2mm  4.Maximun Rebound During Opening 2mm  5.Closing Speed(average of last 30% contact gap) 0.60.2m/Sec  6.Maximum Contact Bounse Duration(with maximum 2 bounces) 2ms 7.Rated Contact Compressive Force 3150200N  8.Closing and Opening non-simultaneity of three-phase Contacts 2ms LIFE (ESTIMATED)  1.Electrical Life at Rated Normal Current 50,000Operations  2.Electrical Life at Rated Short Circuit Current 100Operations  3.Mechanical Life 50,000Operations  4.Contact Erosion Limit 3mm  5.Shelf Life 20Years 1.Meets or exceeds the electrical endurance requirements of class E2 for autoreclosing duty per IEC 62271-200 and JB 8738-2008. 2.* Rated Characteristics to be given on request