BSPP Male Banjo Elbow N.P Brass Fittings


  Cixi Air-Fluid AJPH O.D Tube  06mm x 1/8" BSPP Banjo Swivel Elbow Connector ,Male Swivel Banjo adaptor ,  Collet Material in H 59 brass,Tube Size: 06mm,Thread 1/8"BSPP,Material of Construction Nickel Plated Brass, Hex Size: S 14,Weight:20.00g,Height:22m,Pressure (PSI) 230, Temp Range -20 To 120 Deg , Nickel Thickness: 8um,Item Shape:  Banjo ,Style Name: Metal Push-in-Fittings, Brand Name: Cixi Air-Fluid ,Package Quantity 50Pcs.   Configurations include: Straight Male/Female Adaptor,90 Degree Swivel Male/Female Elbow,Union Tee,Run Tee, Branch Tee,Union Cross,Equal Y,Union Stragiht,Reducer Straight ,Bulkhead Union,Reducer Straight ,Plug-in Reducer ,Female Straight Bulkhead and Speed Contril Valve ,Banjo Elbow Fittings etc.   Tube Size:1/8",5/32",3/16",1/4",5/16",3/8",1/2".Tube Type: PU & Nylon 6,11,12 Hose,Thread types:UNF,NPT,BSPT& BSP(Tapered and Parallel).   Cixi Air-Fluid AJPH Series Banjo Parallel Male Elbow Metal Push-in-Fittings are the highest quality pneumatic fittings manufactured by AIR-FLUID Pneumatics. MODEL(φD-T) Tube(Metric)-Thread(G) AJPH04-G01 AJPH 08-G03 AJPH12-G04 AJPH04-G02 AJPH 08-G04 AJPH14-G03 AJPH 06-G01 AJPH 10-G01 AJPH14-G04 AJPH 06-G02 AJPH 10-G02 AJPH16-G03 AJPH 06-G03 AJPH 10-G03 AJPH16-G04 AJPH 06-G04 AJPH 10-G04   AJPH 08-G01 AJPH12-G02   AJPH 08-G02 AJPH12-G03