Dicalcium phosphate DCP ball granular fertilizer


Dicalcium phosphate DCP ball granular fertilizer

Dicalcium phosphate ball granualr can regard as phosphate fertilizer very well, 

we use the off white or grey dcp powder for making granular,can supply phosphorous and calcium for the agriculture. 


Phosphorus from 16%-18%,and colors can be grey,yellow white ,or deep grey,

but all of them own the high citric soluble phosphorous from 13%-15% ,its Ca is 20%min.,and PH >6.

Package bags:

we can supply different size packages such as 25kg ,50kg,1000kg,1200kg,or OEM with your logos. 

it should be stored in a ventilative and dry warehouse instead of in the open air ,

kept away from water,moisture and sunlight during transport,handled with care so as to avoid damage to bags.           


For Poultry feed additives, cattle feed additives, and Chicken Feed additives.
Corn Gluten products supplement protein for animals, Phosphate feed supplement Phosphorus and Calcium elements for Animals and plants;

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