Water Chiller for servo motor injection molding machine


Water Chiller for servo motor injection molding machine

injection molding machine , plastic mould , auxiliary machine (hopper dryer , chiller , crusher ).

blow molding machines

Industrial water cooled chillers are intended for plastic industry. The precision temperature control is required when cooling mold temperature to achieve higher quality of the product surface finish lower cycle time. The compact and moveable characteristics are best for machine side cooling. Besides, the self-contained chillers are designed to provide cooling water for all industry applications.
1 Adoption of imported compressors, water pumps and thermostats, low noise, electricity-saving.
2 Adoption of unique design open-type water cylinder of stainless steel, convenient and quick cleaning and maintenance
3 Precise electronic temperature controller maintains chilled water temperature control ±1
4 It is installed safety devices such as current overload protection device, high and low pressure switch and electronic timer delayed and other safe devices etc. When breakdown happens, alarming will be given and cause will be indicated.