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          The rotary activated carbon steam activation furnace is suitable for the two high temperature steam activation of activated carbon. Activated carbon is widely used, and its raw materials are diverse, coal and wood. Coke is obtained by pyrolysis and carbonization of raw materials at high temperature, but the coke has smaller pores, more plugging and less adsorption capacity. It is necessary to open and increase pores through secondary activation to increase specific surface area and adsorption capacity. It is feasible to activate the coke at high temperature by using superheated steam.

       Rotary activation furnace is an internally heated fluidized bed continuous production activation furnace. The activator is water vapor and flue gas. This method is also used in the production of wood charcoal.

Rotary Activated Stove

Activated Carbon Activation Furnace

Activated Carbon Production Machine

Activated Carbon Processing Equipment
     Advantages:Rotary activation furnace is suitable for all kinds of raw materials, good continuity,  at the same time ,Rotary activation furnace can be adjusted according to different varieties of activated carbon air temperature, feed rate and residence time, reasonable heat utilization  , carbon contact with activator is evener, shorter cremation time  , so Rotary activation furnace is widely used in the world, especially in wood activated carbon production .

     Rotary Activated Furnace Parameter:



      Appearance Size :24m*8m*5.5m   

      Output:2-2.5t (/day) 


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