HX1AM-B vane type air motor base installation


 Product model :

 HX1AM-B (base installation)  

Product features:

  • Hongxin produces and sells 0.33KW-7KW standard conventional vane air motors , and can provide OEM or customized motor services. Each motor has a unique product identification that can be traced to specific professional assembly workers;
  • Hongxin vane type air motor has simple structure, small size, light weight, high horsepower, easy operation and convenient maintenance. It is suitable for water resistance, fire resistance, explosion-proof, explosion-proof and dust-proof, and it will not burn and heat under high-speed rotation. Substitute motors to work in harsh environments such as humidity, high temperature, and high dust;
  • Hongxin vane air motor series can realize stepless speed regulation through speed control valve, and at the same time can add reducer to reduce speed and increase torque, so as to meet the various speed and torque requirements of customers. It is widely used in shipbuilding, metallurgy, papermaking, and offshore platforms. , Petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.


 Technical parameters 

Motor model

HX1AM-B (base installation)



Rotating speed

0-10000rpm (stepless speed regulation via speed control valve)



Maximum torque


Speed at maximum torque


working pressure


Maximum air consumption


Connection size


Trachea diameter

Outer diameter O.D.=8mm Inner diameter I.D.=5mm

Output shaft diameter


Shell material

Cast iron (stainless steel, aluminum shell can be customized)

Installation method

Clamp installation

Overall quality


 Matters needing attention

(1) The pneumatic motor must be driven by dry, clean, and lubricated compressed air, and an air filter, pressure regulating valve, and lubricator must be installed in the air circuit system, that is, two-piece or three-piece. The two-piece and three-piece must be installed close to the air motor (within 0.5 meters).

(2) The inner diameter of the connecting pipe should not be less than 5mm. Before connecting to the air motor, ventilate and clean up the debris that may appear in the air pipe. These foreign objects entering the air motor will cause the motor to jam.

(3) The air motor must be continuously lubricated during operation (the lubricating oil enters the air motor with compressed air after being atomized by the lubricator). Lubrication will reduce the wear of the air motor blades and the rust of the internal parts of the motor, and prolong the service life. The lubricating oil label is ISO-VG32 special oil for lubricator or other lubricating oil with equivalent label. The amount of lubrication is 1-2 drops per minute.