Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper- C10100 OFHC Copper


Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper- C10100 OFHC Copper

Product Introduction

High purity copper refers to the purity of copper metal above 5N (Cu≥99.999%) (N means the purity of copper, the larger the number in front of N the higher the purity of copper), high purity copper as an emerging material, in addition to the preparation of high-purity analysis of standard test materials, electronic industry, a variety of connection lines, electronic packaging with bonding wire, high-quality audio lines, integrated circuits, liquid crystal displays, sputtering targets and ion coating and other high technology It is also an indispensable and valuable material for the atomic energy, rocket, missile, aviation, space navigation and metallurgy industries.


Purity: 99.99%/99.9999% (4N/5N/6N)

Molecular formula :Cu

Atomic weight :63.55

Density :>8.96/cm3

Melting point :1083.4℃ 


High purity copper plate

High purity copper particles

High purity copper ingot

High purity copper rod

Main Characteristics

6N and above high purity copper has some properties similar to gold, with good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility and surface properties, while the softening temperature is also lower.

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