Transparency Self Adhesive Smart Film


Benefits of PDLC Smart Glass Windows

If you are considering installing smart glass on your home windows, you may have heard of many benefits.

These are just some of the advantages that technology provides to ordinary environmentally friendly households.


Windows are one of the main culprits for heat dissipation in winter and summer, and they play an important role in affecting heating and cooling costs.

Smart Glass is designed to reduce heat load and heat loss, providing you with a simple home insulation method.

Energy saving

These windows can save energy costs, and the manufacturer estimates that about 30% of the daily expenses will be used for heating and cooling.

They can work with the least amount of electricity, so the energy saved is more noticeable.

Product Description

Curtain Wall Magic Adhesive Film

Transparency Laminated Smart Film

Smart transparent film technical diagram

Technical Principle

In the natural state, the liquid crystal molecules inside it are arranged randomly, the refractive index of liquid crystal is lower than that of the polymer outside, and the incident light scatters in the polymer and is milky white, that is, opaque.After electrification, the droplets in the dispersed liquid crystal polymer are rearranged, and the liquid crystal changes from disorder to directional order, so that the refractive index of the liquid crystal is the same as that of the polymer, and the incident light can completely pass through, forming a transparent state. Intelligent dimming glass can be based on different occasions, such as mood, functional requirements can change the mood of the glass in a flash, the function such as demand can change glass appear a performance in - instantly, truly achieve the "the effect of light with me to move, it also is the magical thing about this state of the user can conveniently control switch, switch or remote control, slightly press can shape the privacy, effectively protect the individual privacy space.

Product Parameters


Visible Light Transmittance



Parallel Light Tansmittance



HazePower on

Power off



Operating Voltage

AC48V-65V/ 50Hz

Power off-on

Power Dissipation

6-8 W/㎡


Maximum Size

Operating Parameter



Service Times

Power on

>12 years

Switching Times

>2 millions


Frosted Window Electric Film

Dimming Smart Glass Pdlc Film

Block UV

Harmful UV rays can enter the home and can be blocked with smart glass, so this is a safer choice for your family.

It is estimated that it can block up to 95% of UV rays, which is very impressive without taking away the natural sunlight that your home needs.


After sales & clients comments


Does smart film privacy film blocks harmful UV rays?

Is smart film energy efficient?

3.Yes, we offer a complete installaion&nbsp;kit if needed, meanwhile,we supply instruction video for customer preview.

How can I purchase or get a quote?

5.6.Yes, we customized smart glass according to customers' requirements.

Can you project on smart glass?