Separation type angular contact bearing (S70000)


Angular contact ball bearing the polymer material is based on polymer compound materials, polymer materials are composed of compounds of high molecular weight materials, including rubber, plastics, fibers, coatings, adhesives and polymer matrix composites, polymer is the existence of life. Therefore, compared with other materials, the physical and chemical properties of polymer materials are better, and there are four major properties.
1. Insulation
Lip sealed angular contact bearings polymer molecules are good insulators, and their insulating properties are equivalent to ceramics. It also has good insulation performance for heat and sound.
2. Heat resistance
Ball Bearing for machine tool spindles Thermosetting plastics are more heat-resistant than thermoplastic plastics. Commonly used thermoplastic plastics such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, nylon and so on, the long-term use temperature is generally below 100 degrees Celsius, thermosetting plastics such as phenolic plastics are 130 to 150 degrees, and high temperature resistant plastics such as silicone plastics can be used at 200 to 300 degrees.
3. Corrosion resistance
Durable sealed angular contact bearings The chemical stability of the polymer is very high. They are resistant to water and inorganic reagents, acid and alkali corrosion. In particular, the polytetrafluoroethylene, known as the plastic king, is not only resistant to strong acid, strong alkali and other strong corrosion agents, but also stable in the boiling Wang Shuizhong. Good corrosion resistance is one of the advantages of plastic.
4, aging
Aging is the process of polymer losing its use value in the long term use and storage because of various factors and deteriorating performance with time. Its main performance: the rubber is brittle, cracked or softened and sticky; the plastic is discoloration, loss of luster and cracking. These phenomena are irreversible and aging is a major disadvantage of polymers.

Brand: AUTO
Series: deep groove ball bearings, single row, Tapered Roller Bearing ,Cross cylindrical roller bearing,Angular Contact Ball Bearing
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