New Production Of Sunflower Seeds 361 For Export


Sunflowers are grown as a crop and harvested to produce sunflower oil and sunflower seeds. Many people prefer sunflower seeds over peanuts or tree nuts because they don't contain any of the major allergens. But did you know there's more than one way to grow them? If you want to learn how sunflowers are grown

Sunflowers like lots of sun and well-drained soil, but their exact requirements vary depending on whether you're planting them from seed or transplanting.

If you're planting sunflower seeds directly into the ground, choose a site that gets at least 6 hours of full sunlight per day. Sunflowers should be planted about 1 inch deep and at least 12 inches apart. Most sunflowers reach maturity in around 80 days, but some grow more quickly than others. Many growers leave their sunflowers in place for a few weeks after they're done blooming, which helps to dry the seeds out a little making them easier to harvest.