PVC PP Cooling Tower Fill For Cooling Tower


PVC PP Cooling Tower Fill For Cooling Tower

CF915/1220/1520 is a hanging film type cooling tower fill which spreads the water into a thin film, flowing over large vertical surfaces, promoting maximum exposure to air flow. This type of fill provides much more water surface exposure per cubic foot than splash type fill.

This fill virtually eliminates the nuisance caused by drift spotting on adjacent buildings and property. For additional savings, the drift eliminators discharge air directly toward the fan. Discharge air, traveling in the right direction when it leaves the eliminators, translates to lower fan horsepower.

Louvers are also integrally molded within the fill sheets preventing water from escaping and assuring precise air distribution throughout wide variations in airflow. Unlike towers equipped with separate external louvers, this fill operates virtually ice-free even in extremely cold weather.


• Superior air/water management for high thermal performance
• Engineered [herringbone" surface (left) for even water distribution
• Honeycomb bonded edges on the air inlets and outlets
• Interlocking offsets space the sheets and form a pack that is strong enough to be stacked one on top of the other in towers with fill heights over 10 ft (3050 mm).

• Bottom-supported for durability and ease of installation

Packing:Cooling tower fill be packed by PE belt+wodden pallet or Woddern crate.

Cooling Tower Fill Specifications:

PVC PP Cooling Tower fill


Cross Flow Cooling Tower Packing


Virgin PVC PP


For cooling tower to cooling the water


915mm, 1220mm, 1520mm


Any length as your request



Sheet Space


Application temperature: 75°C~35°C

Scope of application: square cross-flow cooling towers

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