High pressure flange flat gate valve


Product overview

The flat gate valve of Zhejiang AM Meide Machinery Co., Ltd. I. Product overview The parallel double-gate flat gate valve is a new balanced gate valve designed and developed by our company by absorbing foreign advanced technology. It adopts double-gate structure, two-way opening and closing, flexible and light opening and closing (the opening torque is reduced by 20% for valves of the same specification), superior performance and reliable sealing; The gate valve seat adopts special technology and has strong corrosion resistance. The new flat gate valve is mainly used for cutting off or releasing the transportation pipelines of petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, metallurgy, power station and so on. The valve has obtained the national patent, patent number: ZL 2012 2 0534895.3

 Product features 

(1) The valve adopts the sealing structure consisting of two parallel gate valves and their wedging devices to replace the traditional pattern gate valve structure. 
(2) The parts of the valve sealing mechanism are separated from each other, so that the sealing can be ensured even when the temperature changes, and the gate cannot be squeezed and opened due to high temperature expansion.
(3) The valve seal is made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, which prolongs the service life of the valve. 
(4) Under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, the gate at the inlet side is designed as a pressure relief mode to prevent the abnormal increase of pressure in the cavity caused by temperature change and ensure the safe use. 
(5) Fully enclosed structure and good protection performance, which can be used all the time. The driving modes are manual, electric, pneumatic and gear transmission, and the structural forms are elastic mode single ram and parallel double ram, a patented product of our company; Widely used in oil, chemical industry, thermal power plants and other oil crystal, water and steam pipelines as opening and closing devices for connecting or cutting off medium in pipelines. 

technical parameter

nominal dimension:    DN25-600mm          nominal pressure:     PN1.6-105MPa
attended mode:       Flange type                usage temperature:     ≤150℃ 
Type of medium:    Water, oil, natural gas

Main outline and connecting dimensions