Displayport DP Male to Female Extension Cable


1: Display Port Extension Cable, which can extend the existing DisplayPort cable. Your device is now at your fingertips. It also provides you with a fast connection for clear and immersive images.
2: PROTECTION AND CONVENIENCE - When you need to unplug frequently, use our DisplayPort Extender to protect your graphics card or monitor port and reduce wear and tear. It's not just protection. Plug and play, more convenient at home or at work.
3: Superior 8K This DP extension cable complies with version 1.4 specification and supports 8K HD (7680x4320@60Hz). It is backward compatible with 3840x2160@144Hz/120Hz/60Hz, 2560x1440@165Hz/144Hz/120Hz. Bring you a smooth and tear-free gaming experience.
4: Premium Materials - This Display Port extension cable is made of gold-plated connectors, which are rust-proof and durable. It is made of bare copper conductors and braided aluminum foil to ensure high-speed signal transmission. PVC coated and woven nylon designed for water resistance and comfortable touch.

8K DP1.4 HD cable

Engineering Grade DP Cable

Upgraded version of DP1.4 to improve all-round
Fully upgraded and compatible with 1.4/1.2 and other versions
144Hz high refresh rate dominates the audience
Support 4K/144Hz high refresh rate, the picture is clear and smooth
8K true high definition, the world you see is more beautiful
Support 7680*4320 resolution transmission

The team battle is not left behind the game is hearty
32.4Gbps total bandwidth, faster and stronger transmission
Big screen viewing is more exciting

Laptop connected to large-screen TV, immersive large-screen vision enjoyment

HDR high dynamic every frame is twice as clear

Dynamic HDR for more dynamic range and image detail

3D cool visual effects

Support 3D stereo omaging technlolgy,enjoy high-quality visual effects

The first line to open high-definition vision
For devices with standard DP interface