F5 Polyester Fiber Ceiling Filter for Spray Booth


 Product Description:

- Ceiling Filter, or also known as: Roof Filter, Polyester Medium Filter.  

- AR-600G is full Adhesive with imported PE net scrim and nylon net.

- Made by high-powered nonwovens of antibreak synthetic fiber, no fibres break into the air stream even during severe vibration. With gradual technology, the fiber density increases gradually toward pure air, high filter efficiency, extended working life. 

- High filter efficiency, long working life.
- High duct holding capactity
- High flame resistance


- Ceiling filter is widely used in spray-paint industry, especially for final filtration in spray booth, air filtration of the painting plant, spray workshop, car factory; automotive maintenance & repair shop, motorcycle industry, bicycle plant, the operating system of household appliances painting .