stainless steel glycerineoil filled pressure gauge


Oil filled
pressure gauge

Oil filled pressure gauge has good vibration proof
performance apart from the normal gauge performance.

It is especially applicable
under the conditions of mechanical vibration and pressure pulsation to measure

pressure of media such as the gas and the steam which is not corrosive to
cooper alloy and has neither crystallization nor precipitation.

Main Technical Data

Working environment: 

Temperature-30℃ ~60℃, relative humidity≤95% PH

lngress Protection

IP 65

Vibration resistance in working environment

class 1

lmpact class


Leakage ratio

≤1x10-9 Pa.m3/s (helium leak detection)

Product Features

1.It has strong vibration and impact resistance. 

 2.On-site display values are not affected by external conditions including

 the altitude and ambient temperature change. 

 3.304 stainless steel is adopted for the sealed case, which prevents both moisture and corrosion.

 4.The product is designed with many installation modes for user's choice according to different installation requirements.

 Working mechanism: 

 The pressure gauge is composed of pressure sensing elements, a drive mechanism and an indication unit. 

It uses the pressure measuring principle of the pressure sensing elements to measure the pressure of the SF6 gas in a sealed vessel with 

pressure detection system and display the pressure values on the site.
When SF6 gas is filled into the sealed vessel, pressure sensing 

elements will make displacement which is converted into the indication value through the drive mechanism.

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