Lovers Fashion Casual Air Cushion Sports Shoes



The surface of these shoes is made of leather, which is wear-resistant and not easily deformed. The style is exquisite, slender, and has a strong three-dimensional effect. The overall solid shape is very good, and it is strong and wearable. Even if it is worn for a long time, the shoes will not be deformed. In addition, its simple design with timeless white and black, you can freely match jeans, wide-leg pants, long skirts, skirts and other fashion items. When you're worried about what shoes to wear, you can't make a mistake in choosing them.


There are four classic colors: white & black, white & blue, white & red and black & gold. And the gradient design is used in the transition of color, from bright to dark, full of ever-changing mysterious romantic atmosphere. White and black are the most classic and most versatile colors, you can use them to match any color, never worry about being awkward and strange. And the large white with fresh blue and warm red, is to bring a trace of lively and lovely shoes, it`s very suitable for college students and office workers, comfortable and stylish. Gold symbolizes nobility, glory and brilliance, but also represents the color of the sun, represents warmth and happiness, and black collocation can highlight its eye-catching and luxurious, can also make the visual level richer and it can be matched with dark clothes, which will make you with real class.


The material inside the shoes is delicate, soft and breathable. It fits the foot very well. And the shoes are very light, No matter how long you exercise, you will not feel uncomfortable. In addition, there are two rows of air permeability holes on the surface of shoes, which can effectively prevent foot discomfort caused by sultry heat.


The bottom of the shoe is designed with a vacuum air cushion, which can effectively absorb the reaction force and relieve the shock during exercise, thus reducing the burden on the foot.

In daily life, it can also effectively reduce the shock caused by the ankle and ground impact during daily walking, and can also provide additional support. The main thing is that the entire sole is designed according to ergonomic principles, which can give enough support to the arch, which can greatly alleviate foot fatigue.

Anti-skid & wear-resistant

The sole is made of rubber material, which is very wear-resistant, and the sole pattern increases the anti-skid property. It is comfortable and safe to wear all day. n addition, it is very elastic and can withstand multiple bends, tension and compression without damage. Even if the amount of exercise is very large, there is no need to worry about comfort and sole wear.



The feeling of wearing it should be very comfortable, I like it.

  • by Ruskin
  • at 2022/06/29 12:37