Diamond Blade,Cut Off Wheels,Dressing Tools,Grinding Wheels Manufacturer and Supplier in China


Henan Kemei Abrasives Co., Ltd. is a production and sales enterprise that produces and sells superhard tools and general abrasive tools. The company has developed for more than ten years and has a rich product variety that can meet the requirements of various industries for grinding tools. The main characteristic products are: diamond cutting discs, diamond grinding wheels, CBN grinding wheels, bonded abrasive cutting discs, bonded grinding wheels and so on. The company has strong technology and can provide customized services for grinding tools to global customers.

More than 30 years manufacturing on bonded
grinding wheels and diamond grinding wheels, we have much more experiences on
grinding wheels and grinding solutions. Also develop series of top level
product in market , such as CBN stem cut off wheels, which can cut up to
400000cuts on 5mm diameter stems. Such as metal bond diamond grinding wheels
used in glass industry, which can alst longer time and meanwhile sharp. For
other types abrasive grinding wheels, also well known in market.

Kemei is still proceesing in grinding
filed, we would love to offer customers with special made grinding tools to meet
with all your grinding applications.