There are just two WoWs now


Since 2017 Blizzard has marked the event with a micro-holiday that takes place on every server, complete with cheering NPCs, although the player-run event only takes place on Scarlet Crusade-Feathermoon, so that's where you will want to be if you need a lot of competition. It starts at 7 pm ET on October 12. There are just two WoWs now, needless to say, and Classic players will also be able to participate on the Bloodsail Buccaneers server. The route is a bit trickier in Classic, but if you participated in the race before, you might be to get a new challenge.

Blizzard has released an 18-minute video where the game's manager, Ion Hazziokostas, reveals what WoW's incoming important update will totally replace the characteristic using a brand new Auction House program -- and it seems like it is going to make player item trading easier.

From the movie (through PCGamer, which you can check out under ) the game director claims the Auction House alter"is not only a UI reskin. We actually redesigned and rebuilt the guts of this machine to make it faster, more performant, and to eliminate those annoying single piles that literally nobody enjoys" --'piles' being packages of a few of the most frequent trade items which have to be sold all in 1 go, or maybe not at all, along with a characteristic of the current WoW Auction House.

"We all know there are hundreds of thousands of transactions happening across our auction homes on a regular basis, and we want to make a modern system that's easy and easy to use." It seems that using the newest Auction House players will have the ability to buy partial stacks of goodies out of others instead of having to take everything in 1 go. A post on the Blizzard forums from neighborhood supervisor Kaivax expands on this:"Commodities (stackable items) cannot be bid on, and are no longer bought or sold in stacks. At this time you are going to enter in the amount of a commodity which you'd love to get and the AH will automatically pick the cheapest available and provide you a total price."

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