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I mean it's like botting just it assists hundreds if not thousands of people to get by and make a better life for themselves and clearly there are people from first world nations which also gain from being able to do the high-level content that they enjoy without grinding for long periods of time, possibly wasting their lives away and ending up as a NEET. (Like for those Venezuelans playing Runescape is a much better use of their time than it's for somebody out of a first world nation ) If you truly want to prevent being influenced by this type of stuff as much as possible, which you're likely be wether it is Venezuelans trying to put food on the table or only some dude running a bot farm, then create an Ironman and perform that.

I know think im prepared for this, im lying and people are going to fire me. But one of my OSRS accounts was banned once I have NEVER ran a bot for botting. I begged and pleaded and wanted a reason or some kind of explanation and was told I could not appeal bans of that type....the funniest part is, literally the day before jagex randomly banned my account, I'd JUST purchased 90 days members with a credit card, simply to log in the next morning to see my account perm banned... Bad bot detection method they behave like they make ZERO mistakes. Countless hours down the drain, rather than a single individual even remotely believes me when I explain the narrative. They only laugh and say"that you must have botted". Quite pathetic to be honest. They simply want membership money.

Let us be fair, I do not think there was any true ill intent giving this bad man some gold to feed his family. Sure there are other measures that could have been obtained so he could move money directly but it's also possible he was not considering those steps at the time. Let's not attempt to paint him as this bad person who"inderectly supports" these items once we do not know all the details of the story. I'm giving this guy the benefit of the doubt and that I think you should too for helping out this bad guy in need.

I am able to tell they r like 80% who do that and they r the majority of the time green dragon or revenant farmers... And another 20% drama to help their household like myself, not to much today cuz we're great now.. My first acc got ban few months ago but with this acc literally I could assist my family A LOT!!! And I dont regret get ban for it I understand is contrary to the jagex principles... Today I got the following acc almost max cb and trying to do cox and tob:D... Dont all venezuelans only farm or utilize bot on green dragons or revenants just saying LOL.

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