EA needs to repair the mode's fundamentals


So, as all of us know, Madden is an game. The only real reason we buy it is because it is the NFL video game. I made a comment remarking on I've a ton of advice about how best to fix Madden, and it had been suggested to me that I make a post. So I decided I'd test the waters with some of my ideas on how to fix 1 region of Madden that truly frustrates meFranchise mode.

1 aspect of it: training. I will work on another article with a few more thoughts, if this article gets some comments. I could probably fill 100 posts with my ideas so please allow me to know if you guys like reading this: Change"Franchise Mode" into a more centered"Career Mode" with an assortment of different careers and career paths. As it is a lot already, I will talk only about my thoughts on the coach/GM career here.

Begin your career with a team (you are going to have to choose based on a variety of factors where you want to trainer.) You perform and may develop exclusively as the quarterback to your Franchise. You will be promoted to defensive or offensive coordinator as this is boring. You'll control your team's crime or defense for two seasons until your contract is up.

You'll be offered a job as Head Coach with a number of teams. Remain where you move to a new team or began. From that point, you may face a variety of paths based on achievement, ranging from leading your team to a ultimate dynasty like Bellichick or getting a failed journeyman trainer such as Rex Ryan.

I hope you guises enjoyed reading this. I have thoughts for 4 extra franchise styles, as well as core gameplay, connected franchise, problems,"my player" type mode, and also a long-ass rant about MUT. If this article gets some positive feedback I will 100% return out with a second part. Thanks for reading, and allow me to know what you think!

Not lol that is true. The devs are not the ones. It leadership that determines resources like personnel sizes and game engine. Madden has a limited staff and MUT is smaller. Its like having an offensive coordinator and the head coach tell you what plays you can call and when to call them, basically the devs have very little freedom on creativity nowadays. EA would simply inform devs"hello we want 5 new features" to wear the back of Madden each year.

EA needs to repair the mode's fundamentals before any of the new story-driven livelihood stuff gets added. I want to be able to see who a player played when I look at their career stats. I want to determine which team. I want to have the ability to look at historical stats to my group, and ideally each other group --an EA version of pro football mention that conserves all of that data for the league I create. I want generated draft classes that make at least a passing attempt. I need these courses to have over 1-2 prospects from important apps, and I don't wish to see numerous prospects each year from Princeton and Army and Navy and Villanova. I swear I visit more prospects than I do Florida.

Check out https://www.mmoexp.com/Nfl-20/Coins.html for more details.