RuneMetrics fresh products and Treasure Hunter keys


Bonds, which have been introduced in 2013, could be traded between players in-game and redeemed for many different services, such as Treasure and membership Hunter keys. Since players must first purchase them using real-world money some players view Bonds as a form of trading that is real-world.

Because many of its items have to be bought using, meanwhile has faced the exact same criticism. The store initially focused on cosmetic items, such as hairstyles or pets, but allows players to purchase services, for example Bank Booster Packs, through the usage of RuneCoin. Much like Treasure Hunter, these items encourage players put those who can't or choose to not at a disadvantage and to spend money.

Jagex introduced an improved version of the membership subscription application called Premier Club. This special kind of membership may only be purchased in the latter months of every calendar year, usually between January and November, and has three tiers for players Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each tier provides another interval of membership, from three months to a year, at a rate and a number of bonuses, such as a reduction on RuneMetrics fresh products and Treasure Hunter keys.

RuneMetrics is an analytics tool, which was released in 2016, that can be accessed both throughout and in-game the RuneScape website. It's an assortment of attributes, such as a wealth and expertise tracker. If you want to utilize RuneMetrics to its full capacity, then you must buy a £3.99-a-month subscription to RuneMetrics Guru, which is separate to your real standard £6.99 RuneScape membership.

Finally, Jagex experimented with a conflict pass inspired event in July 2018, called RunePass. This two-week long event involved players finishing a variety of tasks to earn wages and, in appropriate conflict pass mode, there were just two reward tracks players could follow: a complimentary course and a premium course, which was purchasable for 400 RuneCoins (around £7). The participant base criticised runePass for feeling much like an extension of the everyday challenge system, instead of being its very own, unique, occasion. The free track was criticised for lacking considerable rewards.

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