You have finished the quest as it turns out!


As I and a number of confused Fallout 76 players discovered, that is not the case. So if you reached the end of the questline and wound up standing in a cottage in the middle of nowherefrowning in a terminal and wondering what the hell was happening --or perhaps wondering why nothing was happening --you are not alone.Most of the quest involves finding clues in Lewisberg, along with the audience of players after the pursuit today should provide you a good indication when you're on the right path. In fact, one was visit that a secret door being opened by someone who had almost reached the end of the quest. Maybe not a fantastic concept to start and end a pursuit?

Anyhow, after amassing notes and studying terminal entries and searching various rooms in a variety of buildings in a couple different towns, you learn the origins of this Sheepsquatch, you come into ownership of a keycard, and you're guided to a cottage in the middle of nowhere. There's a terminal in the marketplace, and once it's your turn to use it (such as I said, plenty of people are completing this pursuit now so there's often a queue forming in the terminals), you'll see the directions on how to summon the Sheepsquatch. Then, upon after those instructions, you're advised by the terminal to come.

Um. Okie dokie! I kind of thought maybe, you understand, because I came all this way in the quest that we can go ahead and finish the quest at this time? Rather than an unspecified time later? You have finished the quest as it turns out! It's marked as finished in your own log. Congratulations! Since Y2K.Where's the Sheepsquatch, 17, it's just over, in the anticlimax? Thing is, the Sheepsquatch isn't a part of the quest, it is part of a new occasion. Events in Fallout 76, as you know, are developed for groups. If you are already in a group, you might not be able to ditch the Sheepsquatch at all, as I at least six or eight additional players I watched poking around the cabin on different servers at various times were slowly finding out as we left question mark emotes at each other. On Twitch, I watched players sort of hanging around the cabin, wondering just how to kick off this thing.

Consequently, if you do want to see the'Squatch, join up with a group, either before you get to the cabin or with whoever you find there. Or, you could simply hang around the cabin waiting to appear and initiate the event for you. Until you discover a team already in the midst of the occasion, and that's the way I wound up visiting the Sheepsquatch or you could server hop about ten or eight times. And I wound up dying into the Sheepsquatch. It is very mean.It's also pretty much the toughest monster to grace Fallout 76 however, which means you definitely wouldn't want to confront it on your own anyway. It would have been nice to know that before I invested so much time hanging a cabin about wondering why a terminaln't let me complete a quest I'd already finished.

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