If you find that your sex doll is stained


If you find that your sex doll is stained, you should deal with it immediately. Because over time, stains that may cause your sex doll to become more difficult to clean. You can use specialized stain removers and mild soap to treat these stains. Avoid using rough towels to scrub the black sex doll's body vigorously to avoid fading and scratching the skin.

For most people who own sex dolls, dressing up their sex dolls how they like is also a fun thing to own. But we also need to be careful when choosing clothes for your sex doll and avoid dark or heavily dyed fabrics as they may bleed into the doll's skin. Do not let your hentai sex doll wear clothes for a long time, and do not let your sex doll wear clothes that are too tight, as this will cause skin damage to your sex doll.

Only by carefully protecting your sex doll and storing your blonde sex doll in the correct way can you extend the service life of your sex doll. You can use these tips to effectively prevent the appearance of stains and deal with them promptly when they occur. This allows your sex doll to bring you pleasure and satisfaction for a longer period of time.

Most sex dolls on the market are made of silicone and TPE. The cleaning process for TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone sex dolls is similar, but there are some differences to keep in mind. TPE material is more porous than silicone material and absorbs dirt more easily, so it is more troublesome to clean and requires a more careful approach and method, which means that if it is not cleaned properly, it will absorb more dirt and bacteria. Therefore, it is very important to clean your TPE doll thoroughly after each use. It deserves its own discussion.

There are many rumors about the birth of sex dolls. Some people think that Hitler invented the sex doll, so we have made the following summary, hoping to help you uncover the mystery of the doll. You might think that sex dolls are the invention of the modern lonely man, but sex dolls actually have a rich history. The origins of artificial sex partners can be traced back to ancient civilizations. As early as ancient Rome, people used materials such as leather and cloth to make masturbation tools. The world's first truly humanoid sex toy appeared in France in the 18th century. The dolls are made of fabric and feature detailed genitalia. They were mainly used by sailors on long sea voyages. A long-standing urban legend holds that Adolf Hitler commissioned one of his SS commanders during World War II to design sex dolls for German soldiers to prevent them from lusting after non-Aryan women. The above-mentioned early sex dolls simply had a general appearance of a human being, and the details were basically very few. Many early BBW sex dolls looked very weird and crude.

With the continuous development of the times, silicone and TPE materials are used to make sex dolls, and these two materials have gradually become mainstream materials on the market. You can click to jump to watch what is the difference between TPE and silicone sex dolls. These lifelike sex dolls have gradually replaced crude masturbators and inflatable dolls and become the popular choice. We should lament the continuous development of technology. You will find that the slim sex dolls around you are so lifelike. You may not have thought that people in the past would use balloon-style sex dolls. Although those old-fashioned sex dolls looked ugly, they became the choice for people of that era to vent their excess sexual desires.

There is no definite evidence who created sex dolls, but sex dolls are indeed the result of continuous shaping of the times and are tools created by the entire human civilization. So don’t think too much and enjoy the beauty of having a big butt sex doll in your arms!