barenbliss (벨엔드빌리스, shortened as BNB), founded by highly-acclaimed makeup artist, Kim Jina, is the latest name in the Korean beauty space with makeup products that accentuate the fun, bright and youthful beauty in young people around the world. BNB's award-winning products highlight features that have made Korean-inspired beauty a global sensation and are cruelty-free and harsh ingredients-free. The company’s products have since won industry stamps of approval, acquiring multiple credits since its launch. BNB is proud to announce that its Berry Makes Comfort Lip Matte was recently recommended and featured by GlowPick (July 2021), Beauty+ (August 2021) and Allure (August 2021).

Barenbliss Berry Makes Comfort Lip Matte
BNB also stands for the Jina’s and the company’s philosophy: Bare essentials, No Harm, Bliss moments. Jina understands that makeup is a lifestyle and, therefore cosmetics should not harm the skin and health when used regularly. Bare Essentials refers to the company’s policy of using only natural ingredients and deploying the latest technology in its products so as to not only not harm but also benefit the skin. All products are designed to balance skin surface pH. In addition, they are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other nourishments. Beauty should not come at the expense of others. In line with its No Harm philosophy, BNB does not condone nor practice cruel and unethical practices in the making of its products and has banned more than 100 ingredients known to be harsh on the skin. Finally, beauty is beyond skin-deep with BNB. With awesome textures, luscious scents and thoughtful designs, the products invoke positive and happy Bliss Moments that stir up the beauty from within.

Berry Makes Comfort Lip Matte
Among its range of products, BNB’s Berry Makes Comfort Lip Matte is undoubtedly the star product with editor’s pick from top beauty media already in the bag. Coming in a convenient package of 3g and selling at only 13,000 KRW, it is also dubbed the 24H [FruitBang] Silky Matte. The lip matte is inspired by mixed berry jam and summer sensations, allowing for a comfortable and moist matte look with an enchanting berry scent. The Australian Macadamia Oil used in the lip matte effectively nourishes the lip with high levels of Omega 7 fatty acids. Infused with E-Hyaluron, a powerful hydrator, the lip matte keeps lips looking plump up to 24 hours. The product’s Light-Gliding Formula covers the lips seamlessly with lightweight liquid particles. Comes in Berry Set, Pink Soul, Peach Around, Maple Mingle, Brown Avenue and Chapter Nude colors.

The Fortune Cookie Eyeshadow
Inspired by the anticipation of opening a fortune cookie, the Fortune Cookie Eyeshadow comes in Friendship, Romantic, Success and Thank You colors, delivering best wishes to consumers when they use it. Weighing only 3.5g and retailing for 12,000 KRW, it is easily mixed and matched to suit different styles, its Power Pigment Formula and Magnetic Smooth Powder makes this eyeshadow blendable, shimmering and glittering.

Spark-tacular Party Blush
The Spark-tacular Party Blush with heart shaped allows building on colours just as naturally and stays on the entire day without cracks and creases, while keeping the cheeks moist thanks to the vanilla-scented micro-smooth powder blush. It makes your cheeks always stay with vanilla sun-kissed glow. It comes in Peach Topaz, Vintage Rose and Ruby Red colors in small packages weighing only 3.5g and costing 11,000 KRW.

Jina Kim,Co-founder of barenbliss

“It has become a current obsession for all women to have a glowing face, blushing cheeks with natural lip color. For that, barenbliss creates more than makeup products, we create beauty in joy. Colors and ingredients are the core of our inspiration. You can just enjoy the beauty of pleasure from our entire BNB family”, says Jina.

Led by Jina’s expertise and deep understanding of makeup, skin health and beauty, barenbliss stays rooted to its B+N+B philosophy so as to formulate products that will effectively accentuate every individual’s natural features and make K-beauty available to all. Barenbliss is committed to helping every youth achieve their ideals joyfully, healthily and ethically.

About barenbliss
barenbliss(벨 엔드 빌리스)shorten as BNB is a fun and joyful K-beauty brand designed for global youth, created by Korean Makeup Artist Jina Kim (김진아). Since its launch in South Korea, the brand has gained beauty editor's award from Beauty+ and editor’s recommendations from GlowPick, Allure, based on its high-performance and attractive design.

Going from "beauty in-joy" and brand's unique "B+N+B" Philosophy with Bare essentials, No harm, and Bliss moments, we are committed to create epic enjoyable and pay-off products. Complete your real Korean girl's look and go where your heartbeats.

BNB beauty provides korean loose powder, love berry lip matte, korean lip tint for dark skin and etc. For more information, please feel free to contact us!