Speaking of tungsten carbide cutter materials, how much do you know?

In fact, the tungsten carbide cutter material refers to the material of the cutting part. It works under high temperature and bears the pressure, friction, impact and vibration caused by cutting, so it should have the following basic properties:

1. The hardness of the tungsten carbide cutter material must be higher than that of the workpiece material.

2. It has sufficient strength and toughness to withstand cutting force, impact and vibration.

3. Tungsten carbide cutter materials have good wear resistance to resist wear during cutting and maintain a certain cutting time.

4. Tungsten carbide cutter material has high heat resistance, so that it can maintain high hardness under the high temperature generated during cutting.

5. Tungsten carbide cutter materials should have good manufacturability, which is convenient for manufacturing tools.

When choosing tungsten carbide cutter materials, we should understand the performance and characteristics of commonly used tool materials, so that we can select suitable tool materials according to the performance and cutting requirements of the workpiece material.

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