1.8kw/2.0kw/2.5kw/3.0kw Heating Element



Fast heating Sauna steam room heating element 1.8kw/2.0kw/2.5kw/3.0kw. The steam room heating element used on the heater is specially designed which is different from most elements on market. All the elements are tested on the heater unit during production.

Steam Room Heating Element Specifications
Material304 Stainless Steel
Coloras the pictures shown
Size (Overall Length x Overall Width)Approx. 30x29cm/ 11.81x11.42 inch

Steam Room Heating Element Features
The infrared sauna ceramic heating element of the heater is made of #316 stainless steel. The High temperature magnesium powder with nickel-chromium alloy heating wire make the element heating fast and long life span.

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